Catering Menu

Antipasto Platter
A perfect snack tray of assorted salami, olives, marinated feta cheese, artichoke hearts, hard boiled eggs, & cornichons.

Served with roasted garlic toast

Small serves 12-24       64.95
Large serves 25-38     110.00

Imported & Domestic Cheeses
Chef selected cheeses from various regions around the world tastefully embelished with grapes, dried fruits, & nuts.

Served with crackers and bread

Small serves 12-24      72.99
with pate     102.99
Large serves 25-40     124.99
with pate     154.99

Goat Cheese Torte
Whipped goat cheese layered with basil pesto and sun dried tomatoes.

Served with gourmet crackers

Small serves 15-25       28.95
Large serves 30-45       44.95

Party Essentials
Crisp lavish garlic crostini & thai chile peppers with sweet fire dipping sauce, olive tapenade, & artichoke bacon dip.

Small serves 12-24       44.99
Large serves 25-40       79.99

Grilled Tuscan Vegetables
Balsamic marinated  & grilled baby carrots, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, red & yellow bell peppers, & roasted red potatoes.

Small serves 12-24      45.95
Large serves 25-38     76.95

Middle Eastern Spread
The Corner Market’s house hummus served with tabouleh, Greek olive mix, lavash, & pita chips.

Small serves 12-24       46.99
Large serves 25-38       79.99

Petite Sandwich Tray
Assorted mini sandwiches filled with Boars Head meats & cheeses or Corner Market prepared salads.

Served on Empire Bread with house made spreads

Small serves 12-24       79.00
Large serves 24-40     130.00

Texas Size Shrimp Cocktail
Traditional large shrimp boil, served with a zesty jalapeno cocktail sauce.

Small serves 12-24       94.99
Large serves 25-40     164.99

Thai Glazed Pork Tenderloin
House-brined & Thai glazed pork tenderloin sliced thin and served with crispy Asian chile peppers.

Small serves 12-24       64.99
Large serves 25-40     139.99

Vegetable Crudites Medley
Seasonal crisp vegetables served with our house-made buttermilk dill dipping sauce.

Small serves 12-24      39.95
Large serves 25-40     59.99

Certified Angus Beef Tenderloin
Prime beef seared and cooked to medium rare perfection & sliced thin, served with our house-made horseradish cream, Creole mustard, & petite rolls

Small serves 12-24       99.99
Large serves 25-40     189.99

Smoked Salmon Display
Sliced smoked salmon presented with red onion slivers, hard boiled eggs, capers, herb whipped creme fraiche & rye toast points.

Small serves 12-24       89.99
Large serves 25-40     159.99

Bella Frutta
Seasonal fruit artfully displayed with fresh floral accents.

Small serves 12-24     45.95
Large serves 25-38     76.95

Italian Tiramisu
Traditional creamy dessert with rum, lady fingers, & marscarpone cheese.

Small serves 12     39.99
Large serves 24     75.99

Petite Sweets
Creative and seasonal flavored bite-sized sweets beautifully arranged with floral accents.

Small serves 12-24     55.99
Large serves 25-40     79.99

All catering selections are presented on dispoable platters, ceramic market platters,* granite slabs, or in baskets. *ceramic market platters require extra deposit

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